Agri 2000 is a service and research company.

  • It has been providing solutions and advanced technological services since 1985

    • Biology division
      Studies, field trials and specialized services for agro-chemical and agricultural equipment companies.
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    • Economics & Food Chain Division
      Studies and specialized services regarding economical aspects for companies in the agro-chemical and food-chain sector. See more
    • Environment & Urban Green Division
      Specialized services supporting the management of public and private green spaces.
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  • Our 3 operative divisions and our specialistic multidisciplinary approach enable us to respond to agrofood and urban green issues with dedicated services for each type of client:


  Latest news

  • Agri 2000 France Sarl

    In June 2017 Agri 2000 France Sarl has been established. With its headquarters in Mours-Saint-Eusèbe – Lyon (Rhône-Alpes), this company of the Agri 2000 Net group, provides services of Agri 2000 within French territory.

  • Participation regarding international event

    Agri 2000 will participate with a booth n. 40 in an important international event:

    “ABIM – Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting”  22- 24 October in Basel, Switzerland.

    Contact Francesco Valli:

  • Partnership agreement with Bonifiche Ferraresi

    Agri 2000 is pleased to announce that a partnership agreement with Bonifiche Ferraresi, the largest European farm counting more than 6,500 hectares.
    The aim of this agreement is to create a “Research Center for Sustainable Agricultural Development” for the countries of Southern Europe. In this context Agri 2000 will do the scientific project management and the coordination of all relative activities. The main goal of the Research Center is to develop the available technologies for crop yield increase. The innovative solutions aim also to reduce the possible negative impact on the environment while promoting the socio-economic growth of rural areas.
    Agri 2000 will select the projects of interest, define the guidelines for their implementation, make the follow-up of the activities, analyze and assess data from the agronomic and economic point of view.
    The first project is about the improvements on the use of irrigation water, started in the 2017.